On a Budget – Preparations for Puerto Rico

Packing for a “trip on a budget” can be the easiest of tasks or the hardest.  Our preparations began the night Tom and I decided to fly to Puerto Rico and backpack across the island.  It had to be on a budget, we both agreed, so we drove to the Barnes & Noble and purchased the appropriately titled travel guide Let’s Go Puerto Rico (On a Budget), which served us tremendously in our early stages of research.  We were flexible and longing for adventure so we picked a few places we’d both like to see and established a few minor guidelines of understanding between us.  We’d tent camp as much as possible during the trip and save as much money on food as possible by eating mostly rice and granola and left over backpacker’s meals from my most recent trip with my dad to the Grand Canyon.  When it came to transportation, we’d rely on publicos, relatively inexpensive vans that though not as immediate as taxis, would reach the general proximity of your destination if given enough time and fare.  But from our living room we romanticized the idea of being backpackers and dreamed of other travelers or generous passers who would willingly let us hitch rides.

When we started packing we knew the things that we had to take: sleeping bags, tent, camera, snorkel.  Then we remembered the rest:  lightweight stove to boil water, pot to hold water, tarp to stay dry, twine to secure tarp, biodegradable soap, waterproof bag for phone and money, backcountry permits for the national forest, shoes to hike in, sandals to cruise in and a headlamp.  I had eight Mountain House dehydrated meals for us to take.  We stock piled granola snacks and energy bars and Goldfish.  We cleaned water bottles and bladder packs.  I needed a new Moleskin to write in.  Tom needed sunscreen.  Then I found my hammock.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Tom on February 26, 2010 at 5:47 am

    I miss Puerto Rico/ most random adventures. What a ridiculous week….

  2. When shall we return? Or create more memories?

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