The Most Satisfying Work is the Kind You Do On Your Own

Rick Ruberti – Nice Cars. of Fitchburg, Massachusetts told us it’d cost us around a hundred bucks to get our leaking fuel filler hose replaced.  “Oh yeah,” he said.  “They see those Virginia tags and you’ll definitely get porked.”  I’m not saying Rick Ruberti – Nice Cars. is a bad guy (yes, there’s a period after Nice Cars on the door and the marquee sign to his garage and used car lot).  He’s been he Maguire Family go-to man for auto work for who knows how long.  I’m just saying he shouldn’t have assumed we were incapable of removing two hose clamps and a rubber hose and replacing it.

We found the hose at Napa in Leominster for $56.  You can only buy it in three feet sections, but we’ve listed the excess on Amazon.  The 11″ stretch we needed runs from the fuel neck housing to the fuel tank.  We were replacing it because at the clamped seam to the fuel tank some $3-$6 worth of gas leaked when filling at the gas pump.  Wasteful, yes.  Annoying, yes.  Moreover, the thought occurred that the sputtering miss in the engine that shook the van on its frame and the occasional engine shut off (non-electrical related) could be a result of the lack of a sealed vacuum in the gas tank.  After all, Doug (my mechanic back home) said his computer test on the van showed an oxygen problem somewhere he was unable to locate.

By replacing the hose and the hose clamps, we stopped the leaking gas at the pump.  But in the process we found an identical tear in the rubber hose beside it–the vent tube that lets oxygen into the tank while you’re filling it.  We replaced that in the exact same manner today.  Tomorrow we’ll determine if the annoying miss, the jerky hesitation from second to third gear is resolved by the completion of a completely sealed and properly pressurized fuel system.

I’m not a mechanic, but it feels good to learn as you go.


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  1. Posted by Melody Hackney on September 6, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    Wow! I’m impressed! Way to problem solve guys! Have fun and be safe. Mom Hackney

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